Monday, 26 September 2011

My new love: MAC Melba blush

I ordered this online when MAC decided to treat us all to free P&P, I'd previously looked at this instore and swatched it before deciding I didn't like it - must have been the lighting? However for some reason I decided to give it another go and ordered it off the internet.
I'm so glad I did purchase this because it's definitely my favourite blush. It's a matte finish, meaning there is no glitter or shimmer and it's also really pigmented you don't need to use a lot of product. Whilst pigmented the colour of the blush means that even if you do go a little overboard it isn't too bad and it's also easy to blend out.
It's such a gorgeous peachy pink colour, which gives a natural flush to the face! The peachy-ness (I think I may just be making words off now) of this blush is so different to my other pink blushes and I think I have a new found love for peachy things!
This has fast become my everyday blush colour.
Here is a picture of me wearing the blush :D
I don't often dress as an Egyptian, this was taken at my cousins 21st birthday party (it was fancy dress) due to the unimpressed look on my face this is possibly the moment when the strippers emerged.

Beauty swap with Lizzie!

A little while ago me and Lizzie from Cupcakes and Cosmetics decided to do a little beauty swap! I speak to Lizzie quite a lot via Twitter and she's so lovely so it was nice to my first ever swap with her!
You can see what I sent Lizzie here.
Unfortunately I can't show you have beautifully Lizzie packaged my goodies as my mum (accidentally) deleted the pictures I had taken when I had first received the package!
I was really happy with everything Lizzie included so I thought I'd share my experiences with the products, with you guys!
Batiste Dry shampoo 
I've never tried the Batiste Hint of colour dry shampoo before but I much prefer it to others that I've tried, it's also a really good size as I normally find the other tubes don't last for very long - this one is a little bigger!
Models Own nail polish "Lilac Dream"
My first ever Models Own nail polish, I've wanted to try this brand for a while and the colour Lizzie sent me is just gorgeous, I really like it and I've worn it pretty much none stop since it arrived!
Hello Kitty nail set
Anyone who knows me knows that I love Hello Kitty, and this little nail set is so handy for travelling as it's really compact it's so cute!
Soap and Glory Hand food
I was really happy to receive this as I have the larger version of this but it's just not practical as you can't really just pop it into your bag! As you can see this one has been used quite a bit and has a permanent place in my bag.
It's quite strange actually because we both sent each other this lip gloss (in different shades) I've not used this lipgloss much as I mostly tend to stick to lipstick however it's a really pretty sheer colour which I think would look lovely on it's own but also really pretty over a pink lipstick (MAC's creme cup, maybe?) to add a glossy, shimmery finish! 

I was really really happy with my goodies, so thank you very much Lizzie! Visit Lizzie's blog here x

Thursday, 22 September 2011

ELF 50% off Haul

I resisted buying from the first couple 50% off hauls as a lot of the time with E.L.F I'm always left a little disappointed, whether that's due to it taking ages for my order to arrive or just being left underwhelmed by products. I decided however when I received an email informing me that this would be the last ever 50% off sale  that I would pick up a couple of things I've wanted to try for a while. I didn't go crazy, I only bought a couple of things - surprisingly I've been showing quite a lot of restraint recently.
I bought a Kabuki brush to replace the crappy one I purchased from Topshop (click here to see the post) and although I've not yet used it I'm impressed at just how soft it is. 
I also bought the much loved, much hyped powder brush, which again is very soft and feels lovely I was shocked however at just how small this was.
And finally I bought the Stipple brush, I've read both good and bad reviews about this brush but I bought this to apply cream blush, it's the perfect size too!
Again I've heard both good and bad things about this HD powder but it's something I've never tried before due to being prone to dry skin - since changing up my skincare routine my skin has improved enabling me to wear powder so I'm quite excited to see if this is worth the hype!
I've also heard great things about this blush/bronzer duo - I've heard that it's extremely similar to Nars Orgasm and Laguna, from appearance alone I can say the blush is nothing like Orgasm! I only really bought this in order to reach the £25 needed to qualify for 50% off - now I've seen it I'm actually really happy that I chose to order this because it's extremely pretty.
Finally I bought the Complexion Perfection powder compact, which (although I've heard doesn't really do much and is a little pointless) I was so excited to try as I've wanted this for quite some time! I'll definitely review this and let you know what I think of this product!
Please let me know if you'd like me to review any of the other products featured! Have you tried these products, what do you make of them? What products do you recommend from ELF? 

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

A rare FOTD: My everyday make up

I do my make up like this most days, it's a quick, foolproof look which takes less than 5 minutes to create.
I am wearing:
Base -
  • Mac studio sculpt foundation (NC15)
  • Sleek luminaire concealer (L01)
  • Mac MSFN (Light)
  • ELF studio eyebrow kit (Medium)
  • Mac cream colour base (Pearl - highlighter)
Eyes - 
  • Bobbi Brown gel liner
  • Lancome Doll Eyes mascara
Lips - 
  • Mac Lipstick (Hue)
I always go for a winged eye liner look when I've not got much time to get ready (or just wear no make up at all) as it's so simple and quick but it's also pretty and effective. I tend to go for nude-ish pink lipstick if I'm using black on my eyes as I think it looks nicer than going for something more bright and eye catching. 
I think this is a great look for 6th form/college as it's quite strict where I go concerning make up but this look is something you can get away with! It's especially good if you're lazy like me and prefer to spend an extra 20 minutes in bed than getting ready in the morning. 

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Late, but so on the hype for this product

I though I'd post about something I really like after posting quite negatively previously.
Does this look familiar to any of you? 
It's Vegas Volt I know, I know I am very late to pick up on this one but it wasn't until I swatched this lipstick in store that I realised exactly why everyone was going crazy for it!
Described by MAC as a "high impact coral" this is probably the brightest lipstick I own, it really stands out but I love it. It really livens up an otherwise dull look with very little effort! 
It's not exactly an every day lipstick but I've found that wearing this with nothing but a little mascara (and very natural base make up) looks lovely for a more casual look, I like to put this on when I'm in work because it gives the impression that I've more effort into my appearance than I actually have - always good for a lazy girl like me! 
The lipstick is an amplified finish and is very highly pigmented but not at all dehydrating, I would describe it as glossy but it certainly have some sort of sheen to it.
To those who like me saw the many posts about this lipstick but refrained from buying I really think you should check this out in store because it's hard to do it justice with out you seeing it in real life! 

Disappointing buy...

Ok, so not many bad things are said about the Topshop make up range as generally it's actually surprisingly good especially when value for money is taken into consideration, the make up line is a lot better than attempts made by other high street stores.
Now, I heard that Topshop make up was made by/in the same place as MAC make up so I thought I'd try out one of the brushes and see if that was also of the same standard.
Looks lovely doesn't it? This £8 Kabuki brush looked lovely and although for such a low price I wasn't expecting miracles I certainly didn't expect the horrible scratchy brush that it turned out to me! It looked so lovely and I was expecting a pleasant little brush but every time I use it I feel as though I'm going to come out with a rash or covered in scratches - I even tried to clean it to see if that would soften up the bristles but no luck unfortunately! 
Has anyone else had this same trouble or have I just managed to pick up a faulty one?

Monday, 12 September 2011

MAC me over!

I was so excited for the MAC me over collection after seeing swatches online - whilst at the counter however I wasn't too impressed fewer products than I thought actually stood out which was quite disappointing. I did however buy one of the fluidline gel eye-liners.

I love gel liners, however I have never before ventured away from my Bobbi Brown gel liner (which is starting to dry out :( !) I'm impressed so far by this fluidline, I bought the shade Avenue, which is limited edition as part of the MAC me over collection, it's described on the MAC website as a "charcoal black with gold pearl" I wouldn't describe this as a black, it's more of a dark bitter brown with gold glitter, it's definitely a beautiful shade!
As you can see, the brown colour is clear in the little pot, I took another picture under artificial lighting so you can see the colour better.
The glitter is so pretty, it's not exactly subtle but then I don't think it gives the disco-ball effect, it's a beautiful liner which I think will flatter most if not all people! 
Want to see a swatch?!
I've also got my eye on the blush "stunner" which is such a pretty shade unfortunately it had sold out at the MAC counter in the shopping centre where I work so I'll have to order it off the Mac website when pay day rolls around! 
Were you impressed with the MAC me over collection?

Friday, 9 September 2011

August Favourites

Sorry, I'm a little late on this post (and lacking in posts in general recently) but I'm back into the blogging mood and I'm going to try to stop feeling sorry for myself and get some posting done!
Yes ladies, I am now the proud owner of a Sonia Kashuk Hidden Agenda Concealer palette - I was so excited for my friend to return from holiday so I could get this baby and I'm not disappointed! I'll be reviewing this but so far I'm loving it and it does indeed live up to the hype!
I now own a Sigma brush, I bought this travel flat top Kabuki from a blog sale and I'm so glad, I've been using this to apply liquid foundation and it gives the most amazing air brushed finish! As it's a travel brush it fits easily into my make up bag - I'm still going to buy the infamous F80 though.
I've been rediscovering a couple of products that I've otherwise ignored recently - MAC's so sweet, so easy cream blush which gives a sheer and build able wash of colour to the cheeks. I posted about this blush here another pink blush I've been loving lately is my Majolica Majorca blush in PK03 which I also posted about here these are such pretty blushes which I like to use when I'm rockin' a smokey eye because it gives a hint of colour. 
Another product I've been loving is Avon's illuminating face pearls, pretty to use either as a highlight or lightly all over the face for some radiance - amazing when you're feeling very tired and need that extra little boost!
These two products I use in conjunction with each other, these featured in a recent haul post (which you can see here) I bought this MAC cream colour base in "Pearl" to use as a highlight and since buying it I've not used anything else for the job - I'm really loving this product and will definitely repurchase when the time comes. I apply this highlighter using my MAC 227SE brush which came in the Cinematics all over brush set - I love this set because the colours of the bristles are so colourful and cute! 
I've also been loving my Chanel quad in "Mystic Eyes" - I posted about this here - I love, love, love this it's so simple to create a beautiful smokey eye with this quad. I've also been loving my MAC paint pot in Rubenesque which also featured in a recent haul post (click here!) it's such a pretty colour and I love how versitile it is, it can be used as an eyeshadow base and also looks so, so pretty on its own!
I'm sure you'll recognise the Soliel tan de Chanel (Bronze universal) which has been featured in a previous favourites post (read my post about it here) it's become part of my daily make up routine I am so in love with this product!
Another mac product from this cheeky haul post! I'm loving this shade "shy girl" is such a pretty peachy nude, I've been wearing it so much recently, it really recommend this lipstick to those scared of nudes, it's a cremesheen finish too which means it doesn't dry out your lips! 
I was unsure whether to include the final product - Vo5's miracle concentrate because I've not had it for very long, I have however used it every day since buying it! It's so lovely to use - it makes my hair look shiny and a lot healthier than it is!

I hope you liked reading about/seeing my favourite products of this month. What were your favourite products?

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Is it worth the hype? My views on MUA Heaven and Earth Palette

I'm sure this little palette - and when I say little I mean little! - looks familiar to you it's been the talk of the town for us British bloggers, but is this really worth the hype?
This palette is smaller than it appears in pictures, it's a cute little thing that will fit into you make up bag making it ideal for traveling! It's only £4 too, for a whopping 12 eyeshadows. 
Now if you've been living under a rock/been on holiday for a long time you may think "for something so cheap the quality must be rubbish" but seen as though MUA shadows (which retail at £1 each) have taken the beauty world by storm I will not bother to address such questions as it's a brand loved by all who sell high quality products at teeny tiny prices!
The question of whether the palettes would be as good quality as the single eyeshadows did cross my mind but after swatching I can confirm that all shadows (in this particular palette) as just as amazing as those sold separately. 
Undoubtedly comparisons with this palette and the legendary (and personal favourite of mine) Urban Decay Naked palette - I would say that although the shades are not the same as the more expensive palette I would class the Heaven and Earth palette as a cheaper alternative - great for neutral lovers like me or those starting out in make up not wanting to fork out a lot of money for eye products.
Want to see some swatches?
I found that swatches I've seen online have not been completely true to life - so I have taken pictures both with and without flash in order to try and give you a better idea of what the shades look like.
As you can see the colours are of a shimmer or glitter finish, no matte shades in sight.
It cannot be denied that the palette is amazing, especially considering the price though I wish there were a few matte shades thrown in too. For £4 though, you can hardly complain. 
Personally, this will be a palette that I pack in my make up bag when travelling or staying at a friends house because the size is so travel friendly.

Monday, 5 September 2011

Will Lancome help me achieve the Doll eyes look?

I've heard so, so much about this cute little mascara and decided that of course I have to have it! I've always loved the Doll like look, and had extremely high hopes for this mascara - which at first although it didn't seem spectacular after 2 coats I was extremely pleased with the result, I can even say that the length given is comparable to the results of some fibre mascaras which I have tried.
The packaging, which I do believe to be important is so, so pretty. I think it's the packaging - along with the name that made me want to purchase this mascara as although I normally research into products (read reviews etc) before purchasing a high end product I found very little on this new product.
Want to see the wand?
It's quite thick at the base and tapers in to a point, this according to the MA was designed so that it would be easy to use for the bottom lashes. I personally like the brush, I'm not a big fan of plastic/comb wands so this was a plus for me!
Ready for some before and after shots?
As you can see the mascara is great at lengthening however my lashes seem to be lacking in volume (or maybe I'm just getting too used to wearing false lashes!)
Although it looks "clumpy" in the picture, I found that I much prefered the mascara after the second coat - I am loving this mascara though because it really does the job and I'm sure it'll be a firm favourite with me.

The picture above illustrates how my lashes look after just 2 coats of Lancome's Doll Eyes mascara. This effect I have to say is one that can only be achieved after 3 or 4 coats of other mascaras I have tried, some even are completely incapable of this effect.
I love it :) It's an expensive mascara, I know many people don't like to spend a lot on high end mascaras and this one is on the pricey side at £20.50. Is it worth it? Yes, I think it is.
What's your favourite mascara? 

I may have purchased the prettiest blusher the world!

Okay, so I have been really down recently and what better way to be cheered up than buying lots of presents for yourself! I actually bought quite a lot but decided to just do a series of mini hauls rather than show you all just how little restraint I do have because I think it would make every single one of you slightly disgusted in me. I did have a good excuse though, I have been distraught over the past couple of days and as I am a materialistic person my little presents to myself have eased the pain a little.
First stop Lancome, a counter which for some reason I never tend to gravitate towards, I'm extremely happy that I did though and I am definitely going to pay much more attention to the brand!
I only bought 2 items and surprisingly they were not impulse purchases, I'd had my eye on these beauties for a little while!
I will be reviewing Lancome's Doll eyes mascara very soon (the pictures have already been taken so the review will be up later tonight!) my other purchase has to be one of the most beautiful products in my whole collection.
Do you want a closer look?
It is so beautiful, I fell in love with this Limited edition product after seeing swatches online and as much as I'd love to swatch it for you all I cannot bring myself to touch this...just yet anyways! (I actually nearly had a break down before as I dropped this on my kitchen floor :( thank fully it survived as you can see from the picture!) As I mentioned before, this is a limited edition product, the counter I went to only had 2 remaining so I'm not sure if it'll be easy to get hold of but it's called Maison Lancome and it currently available on the following websites:
Debenhams where it's actually on sale for £30.60 rather than the £34 I paid at the counter in Boots.
I'm unsure whether this is still available internationally.
Along with my two very pretty purchases I was also given this goodie bag! Which, is available once you spend over £29 - I'm not sure how long this promotional gift is available for as it's only for a limited time! You also get the option between a gift set containing anti-ageing products and one containing hydrating products - I chose the one containing hydrating products.
This is what the little freebie goodie bag included! If you would like me to make a post with details of what is included/first impressions then please let me know!
Unfortunately as I bought these items whilst on my break from work I didn't notice this until I got home...
:( Thankfully I didn't loose any product and it didn't ruin the contents of my bag! I'm excited to try out the skincare included because I am prone to dry skin and although I have found my HG moisturiser (from an unlikely source - post coming soon!) I am open to trying's not like you can have too much skincare can you?!